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Artificial intelligence, known as the technological revolution, has the potential to create a fairer world for human coexistence with nature; Reduce human suffering and move economic cycles across borders and cross-cutting policies. This science requires us to pave the way for building international businesses.

Raderon Lab

RadRaderon Lab is a team of artificial intelligence scientists around the world, and begins its work before the implementation phase of projects, with needs assessment and design of ideas, and after the start of projects, implements the work of artificial intelligence solutions. In addition to Canada, the laboratory is concentrated in India, China and Ukraine and expands its operations in different countries according to the requirements of the projects. This laboratory researches four main areas of artificial intelligence:
Bio computation
Fast calculations
High frequency calculations
Artificial intelligence in financial markets

High Frequency

Project Collaboration


Arcadia is a system for 'fossilizing' quickly (from 5 to 28 days depending on the application) and completely natural soils and organic materials and thus harden them To do this, we take advantage of the biological action of bacteria already present in the selected soil, which we feed ad hoc to obtain the desired effect without consequences for the ecosystem of the treated soil. We can adjust the 'hardness' of the soil to our liking, up to similar and higher compressive strengths than concrete (I am attaching a Compressive Test Report with compression tests performed on samples of common sand treated with Arcadia).


Black Pearl Technology (BPT)

The BLACK PEARL TECHNOLOGY (BPT) is a novel method for preparation of an autologous serum enriched in growth factors and cytokines. The technology is innovative method comprising the use of a syringe consisted of glass beads coated by nano-carbonious materials, BPT is capable to stimulate the cells. It has been proven in laboratory studies that human or animal mono-nuclear blood cells like monocytes and platelets are induced to synthetize and release high concentrations of growth factors and regenerative cytokines when treated by BPT for a few hours.


Our Team

Sam Rad

Soroush Sarabi
CTO | AI Specialist

Alireza hatamifar
Chief Research Officer

Hanie Tavassoli
Chief Marketing Officer (International partner at WBAF)

Stephan Horvath
Chief Innovation Officer

Ameneh Shadlo
Enterprise Developer



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