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Intelligent machine for diagnosing oral problems (in humans and animals)

As we know, initial dental examinations to predict and diagnose oral problems are very time consuming and costly and may not be performed with great accuracy. In addition, there are different treatments for diagnosing any type of problem and disease of the mouth and teeth, and the best way is to have the most durability and the least cost and damage for the patient. We have created a technology that can do this at no cost and in the shortest possible time, and even another positive point for the patient is that everyone who uses our services will be given a code that can be used to visit our contracted dentists and get your treatment at a lower cost.
Based on this technology, a network of diagnostic agents of oral diseases, such as patient records, saliva, biopsy, radiographic and clinical images, blood and even genome tests, is formed and the information is taught to the machine in the form of images and information analysis of these factors.
Therefore, at each stage, with new information including diagnostic factors of diseases and oral problems that is given to the machine by the patient through the application, the machine adapts it to the previous examples and performs three tasks using machine learning and deep learning algorithms:
1. Predicts problems and diseases that may occur in the future according to the current condition of the patient.
2- Diagnoses diseases and problems of the person's mouth and teeth.
3- Provides the best and most optimal treatment plan.


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