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Get acquainted with patented ideas or with present-day techniques that came from Sam Rad.

These ideas are registered in WIPO and are on the way to commercialization:
Intelligent system for increasing productivity in the agricultural industry

So far, various techniques have been used to increase the accuracy and speed in identifying plants and agricultural and horticultural products, but this time, by using machine learning and deep learning techniques, we have created a technology that allows us to plant and determine more accurately and quickly.
In this method, we identify if there are problems and diseases of plants and agricultural and horticultural products; Also, according to the conditions of the plant, such as climate, soil, etc., we offer the best and most optimal solution to eliminate them.

Based on this technology, first drones with two or more cameras fly at the height of the plant and take pictures of the plant body (that drones are short-range and fly at the height of the plant is one of the innovations of our method and so far most drones are tall Have been won). These images are processed by machine vision techniques (machine vision) and then the information identified by agricultural and botanical experts on the condition of the plant is taught to the machine by artificial intelligence experts using machine learning techniques. (machine learning)
Each of those images is converted into pixels, each pixel of which is labeled according to the detected information, and these images are entered into a library.

That is, we have a library containing multiple images of the plant body with specific features of this machine learning process in which the machine perceives and can learn from itself. With the arrival of new images, the machine adapts them to previous models, determines the condition of the plant with high accuracy, diagnoses it if there is a problem or disease, and offers the best way to solve the problem according to the plant conditions.


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