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Buying clothes is a time consuming and tedious task, but it is also very enjoyable for some people. But always one of the problems in the field of buying clothes is the problem of choosing the right size, shape and color and in general, the correct choice, Based on physical characteristics.
To solve such problems, a device has been designed that offers a variety of wearables to the buyer who has chosen a wearable, and also according to body mass, height, skin color and hair color, based on previous training and also based on other people's purchases or Comments received from others, offer different offers to the buyer.

The basis of this collection will be that the collection, based on machine learning from different sources, acquires the ability to offer the following proposal based on the matching rules, the harmony or the harmony of different clothes, and at the same time this harmony towards the person.
And this would be adapted to factors such as body mass, height, skin color, and hair color.
In this plan the task would be done according to three general processes; which include:
processes related to learning machine design and training, processes related to recognizing purchased clothing and processes related to displaying a character similar to the buyer with the purchased item along with the best offer. Compared to previous lessons.


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