About Invention

Who we are?

Medical knowledge is advancing rapidly. And we know that advanced technologies can help human lives.
That's why we decided to try in this field with the help of new technologies.
We like to help treat cancer with the help of artificial intelligence.
In the future, our business will strive to help treat diseases in other areas of medicine as well.
Our team in this regard is composed of various specialties to be able to run a small business and grow and develop over time.

what we do?

Logicmed co. seeks to provide cancer treatment or early detection of cancer cells with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning and machine vision.
We are collecting a powerful library of images of cancer cells in different situations.
These images are marking the way for machine learning and artificial intelligence development at Logicmed so that we can use it to diagnose and diagnose cancer.
In this system, images of cells in the body are analyzed and based on the type of images and information that are recorded in the machine, the possibility of diagnosing or the possibility of cancer is estimated.
Logicmed has the ability to prevent disease damage, mortality and higher treatment costs by detecting cancer early and faster.
Logicmed has higher goals and seeks to be able to provide services in all areas of disease diagnosis.


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